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Pirates, and Princesses, and Pancakes, Oh My!

I've been loving every minute of my time spent on the Showboat Branson Belle! Last Sunday we opened our summer specialty cruise, in which families get to enjoy a pirates and princesses themed pancake breakfast, dance party, and show. With talking pelicans, magic monkeys, dance parties, tap dancing, and treasure hunts, this adorable show is super fun to bring to the stage, especially to such an interactive audience!

As a passionate lover of children's theatre and all things Disney and princess-like, I am having a blast with this show. Performing at the Little Engine Playhouse for Dolly Parton's Imagination Library a few years ago really gave me the bug for children's theatre. After that, I did several children's shows in my college career, and went on to work at Walt Disney World after I graduated, so I'm pretty seasoned in this style of performing.

I think my favorite part about children's theatre is the energy you have to bring. Kids are full of energy, so you have to be even more full of it than they are. That is something that comes naturally to me anyways, but it is really fun to channel that energy into big animated body movements and facial expressions. I like that I get the chance to use my whole body to make big visuals onstage (I have Disney to thank for that skill!) Also, the opportunities for exploring stock characters are endless. It is so much fun to get to use my imagination to create my princess character into anything I want her to be. The whole show just feels like dress up and play time! I love being goofy and silly, and joviality of the show really caters to that.

Another fun thing about children's theatre is that you get to break the fourth wall a lot and really get the audience on your side. After that first wall break, you kind of feel like you are all along for the ride together. I love the improvisation and informality that comes with that, and I think the audience appreciates the inclusion too.

After the show is over, we get to greet kids in the lobby. They are all dressed up as pirates and princesses and want to say hello and take pictures with us. As someone who made Disney magic for two years in the past, I know a little something about those kind of interactions, so it is really fun and sentimental to bring that skill set to the table again.

I'm so glad to be a part of this cast where I get to be a princess by day and a crazy tap dancer by night, all while sailing the gorgeous waters of Table Rock Lake in the Ozark Mountains! This contract is turning out to be such an amazing experience for my life and career. The people in Herschend Family Entertainment are just outstanding. I've yet to meet a single soul I dislike. Everyone is so caring, considerate, understanding, and supportive. I couldn't ask for a better work environment. I don't know where my career will take me after this, but right now I'm perfectly content sailing the waters of the midwest while living out my performing dreams.

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