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Coming Back Home

(Photo by Stephen Duncan)

I am officially back in my hometown! Louisville, Kentucky is one of my favorite places, and that is not just because I grew up here. Louisville is perfectly suburban - it has a little bit of everything. It is the home of the Louisville Slugger brand, the Kentucky Derby, and the Hot Brown (for those who don't know, look it up). From the blue grass of the horse farms to the cool atmosphere of the trendy bars, coffee shops, and eateries, there is always something new to enjoy here. But on top of all that, Louisville is a huge advocate for the visual and performing arts, which, as an artist, I can deeply appreciate. In Louisville there is never a shortage of arts education or sharing arts with the community. There are live performances and art fairs going on at our many theaters and various public venues on a weekly basis, and thus consistent audition opportunities and jobs arising for artists.

Louisville's immersion in the arts has made it so easy for me to get plugged back into theatre after spending a year in what they call "The Disney Bubble." I am happy to announce that I am now employed as a theatre and dance instructor and choreographer at two performing arts schools: The Oldham County Schools Arts Center, and The Louisville Creative Arts Academy. I also get to employ my love of writing by running blogs and other promotional materials in my social media coordinator position for the Oldham County Schools Arts Center. While I am teaching and writing, I am also taking dance classes and have recently started circus training so that I can add more skills to my resume.

I am beyond grateful to be combining my love of helping others with my passion of performing in a community that gives such validity and appraisal to the arts. I can't wait to see what the rest of this year holds, and to see how I will grow as a choreographer, teacher, and performer!

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